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And you don't need to come to me, I can come to you.   Often times I have met clients at the hospital or in their homes.  

Over my career, I have either been solo counsel or co-counsel to many verdicts and settlements.   Listed below are some examples.   I treat every case as if it is going to go to trial.   But by fully understanding my client's loss, and through hard work, most cases settle.   However, if we cannot settle for a fair amount, we will go to arbitration or trial on our client's behalf.

  • $55,155,000 jury verdict following a month long trial holding MetLife accountable for bad faith practices in the adjustment of an automobile theft claim. This verdict was the second largest in Arizona in 2009.    To see the Lawyers USA article of May, 2009, click                 
  • $6,296,796 jury verdict following a three week trial holding Truck Insurance Exchange (a Farmers Company) responsible for breaching its contract with its insured.    This verdict was the third largest verdict in Arizona for 2019.
  • $1,500,000 verdict for Plaintiffs against American Family Insurance for violating its duty of good faith and fair dealing in the way it handled Plaintiffs' claim for uninsured motorist benefits.   This verdict was the tenth largest verdict in Arizona in 2013.   
  • Confidential wrongful death/medical malpractice settlement  of seven figures  for failure to diagnose cancer.
  • Confidential seven figure bad faith settlement holding health insurer accountable for denial of health insurance benefits. 
  • $1,140,000 personal injury settlement in a case where car crashed through glass store front.
  • Medical malpractice wrongful death settlement for six figures that resulted in local hospital changing its charting procedures.
  • Confidential high six figure settlement in semi-truck  crash.
  • $500,000 settlement holding local bar responsible under dram shop laws for over-service of alcohol to a patron who later drove drunk and caused a serious collision.
  • $500,000 jury verdict in motorcycle v automobile crash.
  • Confidential six figure settlement holding chlorine manufacturer accountable for wrongful discharge of chlorine gas causing lung injury.  
  • Confidential wrongful death settlement holding tire manufacturer responsible for defective tire.  This case was rejected by two other law firms.
  • Confidential medical malpractice settlement for young mother who nearly died due to postpartum hemorrhage.   This young lady's case was turned down by another law firm.
  • Confidential six figure settlement holding Farmer’s Insurance accountable for the way it handled a homeowner’s flood loss. 
  • Confidential settlement holding State Farm responsible for its conduct in the adjustment of an underinsured motorist claim. 
  • Confidential settlement against American  Family on homeowner flood loss.
  • Confidential settlement against Auto Owners on fire loss.
  • Confidential settlement against Hartford  for its conduct in handling an underinsured motorist claim.
  • Holding Progressive Insurance responsible for conduct involving an automobile  property claim. (Confidential settlement).
  • $500,000 verdict for injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.
  • Holding automobile insurer responsible for wrongful denial of uninsured motorist benefits. (This case resulted in recovering nearly $200,000 for the insured after she was let go by an advertising law firm that told her she had no case).
  • Recovery of $450,000 from various homeowners’ insurance policies for a shooting victim after he was told by a large downtown law firm that he had no case.
  • $328,000 jury verdict for injured construction worker. The verdict was over three times more than the insurance company's top offer.
  • Holding American Family Insurance responsible for the way it processed an Uninsured Motorist claim.  (Confidential Settlement).
  • Holding automobile dealer accountable for fraud in the sale of an automobile.  This case resulted in a $239,000 judge's decision against an Auto Nation dealership. To see the East Valley Tribune article of March 2nd, 2004, click 
  • Final judgments of $42,557.30 and $50,074.65 where Allstate Insurance Company’s initial offers were $100.00 and $350.00. 

        Please understand that the above examples are in no way a guarantee of the kind of results I could achieve on your case in the event you became my client.  I work hard on behalf  of my clients to obtain just results, but each case is different and no gauantees can ever be made as to an outcome.   Please see my disclaimer on the Resource tab.